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Experiments in Publication Chains

Transactions and gas

Published onJul 09, 2018
Experiments in Publication Chains

Projects abound that experiment with publishing and tracing authorship on various chains.

Most are approaches to DRM, and not otherwise interesting in their approach to rights, collaboration and annotation, or distribution.

Some attempt creative models of micropayments, but without more than a nod to existing systems for same (and without acknowledging the current overhead of getting into and out of chained accounts).

Building ecosystems for open science as norm, not niche

Here is an overview of current approaches to this, from OA to science repositories to chained solutions.

Most parts of the ecosystem that take in funds are centralized in the hands of a few organizations, which are fundamentally businesses and not scientific orgs. This puts them at odds with the larger rest of scientific society, but also gives them centralized, fungible power that translates into policy, tens of thousands of promoters + pundits, and research centers + meta-studies supporting the status quo.

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